As the economic recession recedes, the pink slips at the corporate are back to the shelves. But the threat of spiritual recession has loomed large tosuch an extent that people have started giving pink slips to God! Whether it be east or west the concept of God as ‘default’ is being fast  replaced by God as an ‘add-on.’ Giving pink slips to God has become a benchmark to decide one’s academic or professional success.  The latest to give pinks slip to God is Stephen Hawking through his latest book, ‘The Grand Design,’ by stating, “It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going.’ A Glance through the history reveals that extensively relying on human reason, many intellectuals have given pink slips to God. But no one till date has been  successful in satisfying the whole world with the reason for giving the pink slip to God . As pink slips started flying from one discipline to other and from individual to individual firing God from their lives, time is up to do a rethink.

Pink Slip via Facebook

While filling up all funky stuff in the profile page, your finger would have paused before  filling, Religious Views column. Interestingly there are no drop down options for this column, one is free to write what he or she wish.  It has become the popular way to hand over pink slip to God. If you doubt, here are a few  expression  in the  Religious Views  column in Facebook  – No fat Chicks, Holy Batman, Rape and Kill because  it is God’s will, Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy, Pagan chicks are hot, Orthodox Atheism….it goes on. For more, sneak through some Facebook profile pages.  Facebook has given space to publicly proclaim that ‘I have given Pink Slip to God.’  Many clicks on Like buttons may follow, but does this mean God can be done away with?

Pink Slip from Intellectuals

To state the validity of a theory, idea or an experiment, most intellectuals take great pain to leave out the possibility of God and to prove that there is no God at all. It’s all done in the name of increasing credibility.   Laplace  stated categorically, “I don’t need a hypothesis of God,” Richard Dawkings wrote in his book “The God Delusion’ If this book work as I intended, religious readers who open it will be atheists when they put it down,’ and to the leading scientist of the day, Stephen Hawking asserts that there is no need for God as creator for Universe. As scientists unearth the immense richness of the world that lay shrouded in mystery day after day, it doesn’t mean to be a proof for the non-existence of God. But the very fact that something new is revealed every day, compels us to acknowledge something supernatural that lay beyond the human senses and reason.

Pink Slip via Religion

‘God is dead,’ cried out Nietzsche. He meant that God of Christianity is dead. It is unfair to categorize God and religion in one single palette and come to a judgement about God according to the merits and demerits of religion. The world religion comes from the latin root religare which means to bind. Religion is indeed a human institution. It is for the people, by the people and to the people so that a bond is created which hold them together and opens up a way to live and experience God.  Religion being a human initiative will obviously have its own setbacks. It may be the act of terrorism, the problem of bad conduct of the clergy, caste differences within the religion and the like. It would be unjust to conclude from the setbacks of religion that there is no God and hand over the pink slip to Him.

God has nothing to do with the merits and demerits of religion. It is the individuals that constitute religion. The focus on personal faith bymaintaining a hot line with God and experiencing him will make all the difference. In this regard, the religious teachings, scriptures, symbols, prayers act as a guiding and motivating factor.  This doesn’t go in line with the Sri Sir Ravi Shankar’s thought that religion is the banana skin and spirituality is the banana. Both religion and spirituality should go together, otherwise the spiritual individualism will be on high, giving rise to numerous religions and it may also lead to fundamentalism and intolerance to other religions. The call by a Pastor of non denominational church in Florida to burn Koran on September 11, can be considered an example, when spirituality goes unbridled without the guidance and control of a religious leadership.

Bring Back God

An employer giving the pink slip to CEO! Can you imagine such a situation? It is exactly what happens when God is kicked out of our lives, riding on theintellectual wave. As Fritjof Capra, a scientist says, “Science doesn’t need religion and religion doesn’t’ need science either. But man needs both science and religion.” The need of the hour is to bring in the forward looking scientific spirit into the religion so that people doesn’t sit uneasily with traditional, autocratic and outdated teachings. There has to be Constructive criticism along with personal efforts to bring Change to religion. But leave God alone, he is much beyond what religion says and what we can think of. Just experience God, let the thought of giving Pink Slips to God remain in the shelves of your mind .

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