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Gone are the days when the devout, pious and religious Indian minds dared not to cross the seas. Times have changed, beliefs have been recast and now it’s not about traveling in ship but space ship that too to reach the moon. With travel agencies entering the fray with alluring with packages, Indians have gone gaga for traveling.But what about every day travel? ‘It sucks!’ the reaction is quick. It’s the obvious reaction of an employee student or any daily commuter for that matter who rushes through the peak traffic, sweats out at the bottle necks, wade across huge crowds to reach the destination.

Riding on the technology wave and as an alternative to every day commuting, ‘home offices’ and virtual schools are fast replacing the real schools and huge office buildings. These features may put smile back on the face of Gen Now but how long? Gen Now will land in more trouble if every day travel is overlooked. Even taking a few steps to the neigbour next door or meeting a friend next lane has gone virtual with a poke or scrap in the social networking site. The reality is being fast replaced by virtuality by side stepping vital human qualities. 


The virtual world has acquired everything in the real world to its fold. Tired and down with real life? The second life is waiting for you in the virtual world. It’s sheer craziness that let real people to make use of their real time, real money and real emotion to get entangled in the virtual stuff. For those minds who want to get a feel of farming social networking sites are catering games like Farm Ville. You virtually enjoy farming with your friends and spend a few bucks for virtual things! The real feel of nature is eluding us as we go behind virtual farms and the virtual environment, so the question that would obviously crops up is, “Why the hell we conserve nature when you have a virtual nature dude?”


Play, they say is a nurturing ground of human qualities. But the vast play grounds are fast replaced by a cute lil thing called Xbox that virtually gives you a play ground. The Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) that provides virtual interaction for large number of players do enhance your virtual qualities but can you have the mindset while playing with your human partner in the real world, real time? After your virtual games what you take back home is a pack of virtual qualities that squeezes your real human qualities.

To put my points straight, I am no person who celebrates the nostalgic moments of past and put thumbs down to technological virtual wave. But virtualising the whole human being will create a reality vaccum leading to a dearth in human qualities.


Sensing the consequences of massive virtualising, we see weird solutions coming up in the virtual world, like web 2. 0 suicide machine, where one can suicide their face book, linked in, twitter and other social networking sites leaving no trace behind. But these solutions have more problems in the offing. I feel this new virtual antidote will make you plunge into more vaccum. It’s interesting to see a reply given by this site to a query, “don’t worry, if you feel empty right after you commit suicide. This is a normal reaction, which will slowly fade away within the first 24-72 hours.” After years of dwelling in the virtual world, it would be foolish to believe that human beings can come to the real self adorned with human qualities in just 24 – 72 hours as is claimed by them. Do these guys fill the reality vaccum that has already doomed us? The answer is a big No. As in real life suicide is now ay for men to get away from problems or get to real from virtual.


The only way is to enhance your human qualities is everyday travel. The bouquet of experience will sure buid up your human qualities. Now what is the big deal about every day travel? ‘Life is a Journey,’ you will come across this eternal dictum as you browse through book, watch movies or while you listen to renowned speakers. Every day travel do contribute a lot to this great journey called life. Every day travel  opens up a rich cocktail of sight in your consciousness – the people you meet, the condition of the locality, the funny incidents that make you laugh much, an unfortunate accident that make you shell shocked, the denial of human rights that makes you act, the motivating sight of a person extending a helping hand to the other…the list goes on and on. Once you prefer home office and virtual class rooms you are veiled off from all these diverse experience. At the end of the day what you have is a few clicks. As it’s all about choosing something virtually in your finger tips. Even food, grocery, gadgets all your needs will be ‘home delivered that too for free with a few click of numbers. Virtuality strips off the immensely rich and real experiences that you gain out of travel. The virtual experience can in no way can stand for real experiences.

 When children are made to sit in virtual class rooms, they human qualities are trimmed down from the word go and are cast with virtual qualities to deliver results enhancing virtual qualities. The more you get obsessed with virtual world; you are running out of stock of human qualities. Then love, care, concern, responsibility, ethics, hope, faith, social institutions, relationships takes a back seat.

Let us get real. This doesn’t mean bidding good bye to our virtual avatars but it’s all about having a selective breeding of virtual and real life. Don’t set yourself fully in the virtual mode even though you attend a virtual class room, work online or engage in social networking. To feel the real set out for a short travel even if it is to your neighbor next door. It’s in travel and the diverse experience on the way that your human qualities like sympathy, empathy, trust, morality, sense of humility, forgiveness and the like would nurture.
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