The condom sales trending along a positive trajectory is no heart stopping news. But eyebrows are sure to rise when condoms graduate itself from bottom to top and are worn at unexpected places that too unknowingly!

Chicken soup for all sorts of souls,  Seven habits together with the 8th habit for highly effective people, Management, Spiritual, Sex, Academic Gurus either saffron clad or with funky outfits dishing out books and sermons.  Innumerable magazines and  websites queuing up experts promising rabbit out of the hat. The promise of all the said above is loud and clear: come to us we will guarantee you the orgasmic experience of work-life balance. It needs lot of luck to strike the jack pot of work-life balance as one gets down to real life riding high on the combo of ancient and modern wisdom. Forget the orgasmic experience of work life balance, even the thought of orgasm eludes us as we stand staring like a eunuch at the stark realities of life. 

Divorcing Work and Life

The easiest way to come out of work-life imbalance is divorcing work and life or taking a break. When my friend called me up to tell good news, I expected something really great. But it turned out to be the worst news for me, that she was quitting her job! For what? My reaction and her answer came quick.  Things are not going my way. I want to enjoy life for some time and listed out her priorities; aerobics in the morning, do something for society like with the sisters of Mother Teresa, read some good books, spend some time with my parents, go around places…and it went on.

She is a prototype of all those guys around who think that work and life are not made for each other. Thus the logically programmed conclusion dawns: Divorce work and life, and enjoy life by quitting job for some time. Mind you ‘some time’! Once back to work, life gets it meaning only when pay packets grand you the luxury of next work-life divorce.

Did Work start in 21st Century?

All this hue and cry over the work-life related tensions makes us think whether humanity started working only in the 21st century. Did our forefathers face the same situation when they worked out in the scorching sun for hours? Monotonous, hard work, no project parties, no perks yet mostly they could strike the work-life balance. Is it because they worked with nature and we work away from nature? It has nothing to do with nature and artificial. The answer to “why they could and we can’t” is straight and simple. We wear condom in the wrong place! To be specific it’s on our thoughts.

 Wearing Condoms on the Thoughts

Myriad expert advices from books to talks, accepted blindly with whole heart and mind without proper personal application acts as condoms to our grey matter. It puts a full stop to our thinking and creative process preventing our ideas from having sex. When our ideas are deprived of their sexual relationship we go behind someone’s success formula which would possibly end up in heartbreak. This will force us to think life and work are foes and not friends and we take a break or quit job to enjoy life.

 Let the Condoms Break!

 Total sell off to someone’s ideas will not serve any good. Let the condoms of borrowed ideas from those ‘successful’ people and books break, so that our ideas can have sex. This will turn on the creative energy and will let us see the once unseen but meaningful aspect in the job situation. A call center employee answering the customer care call feels as if he is helping some one clarifying and rectifying their complaints rather than taking it as a sucking job in the graveyard shift. Beyond the tiring list of codes in black and white a software professional sees the colourful aspect of the product which would of immense helps to millions. A teacher sees himself/herself as shaping the lives of generation next. Take any job, there is a hidden dimension waiting to be revealed once we apply our imagination and creativity once we break the borrowed condoms that we have worn over our thoughts.  

It’s time we stop running around for tips and tricks to blend work and life. Let the condoms of borrowed ideas break, let your ideas have sex and be assured of being delivered by creative and meaningful ideas which will let you fly high.



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