Washing Machine vs Dhobi , 3G vs 2G, Pace vs Spin, T20 vs Test Cricket, Email vs Post Card….What’s your pick? Struggling in a fast paced world where speed alone matters, you will obviously be quick enough to grab the handy washing machines, flashy 3G, Fiery pace, glamorous T20 and quick emails. But a second thought elevates you to yet another realm of nostalgic memories of Dhobi’s weekly visit, the patient wait to open a web page in 2G, the skill of playing test cricket, the art of spinning a ball and joy of sending and receiving a post card.

For all those who are continuously spinning in the fast paced world like clothes in the washing machine, the movie, Dhobi Ghat would be an absolute dampner. Dare to stop spinning and settle down for 95 minutes? Then Dhobi Ghat will help you paint the empty canvases in life.

Here is something which I took back home after watching Dhobi Ghat!

Sheila vs Smoke

Patience is the word to watch Dhobi Ghat. No munnis or Sheila’s to entertain you by shaking the bellies, all you have is stuff like the puff of smoke from Aamir Khan’s cigar slowly diffusing with the melancholy music!! You wish you had a remote control and keep on pressing the fast forward button. But once you make up your mind and settle down, the movie begins to reveal the bypassed moments in the fast and pacy every day life.

Job vs Sabbatical

I want to know what life really is… what is happening in my city….pursue my intrest in photography…. These are some of the sabbatical wishes of Shai, the bubbly mumbai girl who returned from US. She goes on chasing whatever she left behind in life.

Should we wrap all these ambitions and the understanding of reality till we have a sabbatical? Why can’t we do it in every day life along with our job? Life doesn’t become meaningful just because of a sabbatical, but being open to the plight of the people around, by responding to their need, enjoying the richness of what is happening around and pursuing your intrests every day, even while engrossed in busy job. This will add beauty, meaning and value to life.

Reel vs Real

Are you new to mumbai?, To the taxi drivers question Yasmin replied, “I’ve been here for past few months but everything looks new every day.” Yasmin, records the moments to cherish in her life in a webcam to send to her beloved family. Those casettes, tells the story of Yasmin’s life – from living happily with her husband, going around mumbai and atlast her decision to suicide, when she finds her husband has another affair.

Living at a time, when casual sex, Fuck Buddies, Live in’s are getting thumbs up, the institution  of marriage is under severe threat. Faithfulness is not something that dawns on the day of marriage. We can’t let the number of Yasmins ending up in suicide to go up. This will spell doom for the Indian society as a whole.

Running vs Loving

Munna, the dhobi boy has ambitions running high. He thinks of a possible relationship with Shai, who had taken him around to get the feel of the city especially the dhobi ghat and the like. But Shai has no such desires, but she wants to be with Arun, (played my Aamir Khan) but things doesn’t fall in place. Shai desperately searches for Arun, even though Munna knows where he is , doesn’t reveal. But as Shai gives the farewell hug and departs, the innocence in Munna rises up and he runs along the busy mumbai traffic, reaches the Shai’s car and hand’s over Arun’s address.

Ambitions, desires, emotions may turn us crazy and wild at times, but that doesn’t mean the real qualities inside have bid good bye. We just need to lift the veil and brush things up like Munna’s innocence.

Dare to choose Dhobi Ghat?

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