Press *141# on your Vodafone prepaid connection in India and in few seconds the balance is flashed on your screen. It doesn’t matter whether you are a CEO using a blackberry or a tech geek with HTC Wild fire, or a daily wage labourer with the Nokia 1100, the number to know the balance remains the same (Obviously the service provider has to be the same!) However conscious we are, we tend to check out the balance and either heaves a sigh of relief or looks at with utter disbelief.

With work pressure and the baggage of tensions taking a heavy toll, we sit uneasily in life and are desperate to check out the balance in our lives. Unfortunately, there are no default numbers given to us by our service provider (God!) to check out the balance. But we go behind lots of stuff, unsuccessfully dialing the popular numbers while the real number to know the balance remains under the hood.



Create a charitable organization, pour in a few millions from the billion dollar account, hit the headlines, vie a few interviews: this is the latest trend and the perfect recipe adopted by Industrialists while pressing *PHILANTHROPHY#. All these frenzy to press*PHILANTRHOPHY# is to ensure that they maintain a balance that gives them peace of mind while living in midst of mounting profits.

The Wipro man, Azim Premji’s recent act of philanthropy is the recent buzz in town. Melinda Gates Foundation of Microsoft project themselves as champions of philanthropy. Does this act of pressing *PHILANTRHOPY# of Industrialists makes sense?

The balancing act they are performing in the name of philanthropy is a mere eyewash. Check out the facts: While the Narayanamurthy of Infosys has made sure that those with Infosys are well rewarded by way of giving shares, Azim Premji holds more that 50% of shares in Wipro, that would mean the majority profit flows to him. While Infosys profit is shared, the most of Wipro’s profit gets accumulated with Premji. The Windows Operating Sytem, Microsoft Office, the must haves in a computer, comes with a high cost. The best philanthropy would have been to reduce the cost and give people best technology at low costs.


Press *TRAVEL#

Obscenely luxurious and sinfully beautiful tourist spots from Venice to Maldives are thought of by many to be the balance identifiers of life. That’s why many tend to press the *TRAVEL# and travel agents pop with the best irresistible deals.

It’s a fact that the heights of Burj Khalifa, the sunset at Maldives, the beauty of Himalayas, the backwaters of Kerala can give you a sense of momentary happiness and satisfaction. It makes you feel ‘this is life’ and you long to return to the tourist destination. You might even wish to own a hut in the tourist destination than your posh villa. But once you are back to your every day busy life, the lack of balance in life starts haunting you. Pressing *TRAVEL# may create a momentary balance in life but it shies away from creating a lasting balance.


Press *Self Help#

Stephen Covey, Deepak Chopra, John Gray…the list of self help books authors are shooting up so too the world witness a mercurial rise in the self help books. The word of mouth publicity force you to press*Self Help# so that you possess the magic bullet to know and create a lasting balance in your life.

When a raunchy actress with charming smile makes a statement that the secret of her size zero body is doing everyday and is revealed in the Yoga DVD, the temptation is too hot to handle resulting in grabbing a copy. While the fact that she might have seldom seen morning sun, after the late night parties doesn’t gets dissolved in her deceiving look. Same is the case with the books with ancient wisdom coated and packed to suit the present. All these are written based on a general formula, which may differ from individual to individual. It may hit the bulls eye for some. But pressing *Self Help# can’t guarantee you real balance in life.


Press*Self Awareness#

Self Awareness! You won’t get this in the mall nor is hidden the books that claims to enrich you with self awareness. But you can try it at home or any place you want, Self Awareness matters. In the fast and fuming 3G world self awareness gets easily bypassed being deceived by technological, popular media wizardry.

We need to retreat and get back to our own, have a chat with our mind and ask a certain basic questions: Who am I? Why Am I here? If you dare to ask these questions to yourself, you will have real balance in your life that no one can take away. Press *Self Awareness# and you can do away with pressing *Self Help#, *TRAVEL#, *PHILANTHROPY# while looking out for balance of real worth.